Remote Deposit

Accelerate your cash flow.

Remote Deposit Capture from Two River Community Bank allows you to scan and deposit every check you receive, right from your desktop computer.





  • Time Savings: Deposit checks from the comfort of your office in just minutes. Fewer trips to the bank saves you time and money, and lets you concentrate on what matters most – your business. 
  • Increased Flexibility & Convenience: Remote Deposit simplifies your banking by allowing you to make deposits from multiple locations and providing electronic storage of images for easy retrieval. 
  • Accelerated Cash Flow: Cash flow is the lifeblood of any business, so maximizing the potential of your receivables is critical. 
  • Security: At Two River Community Bank, security is a primary concern when processing payment information. Remote Deposit processes all payment information over a highly secure internet connection. For your protection, financial information is encrypted and stored according to regulatory guidelines. 
  • Easy Installation & Maintenance: Your space-efficient scanner is designed for ease of use and is able to fit within even the smallest work area.


Please note Remote Deposit Capture eligibility is subject to review. Click here to view frequently asked questions about Remote Deposit Capture for businesses.


To get your business started with Remote Deposit Capture from Two River Community Bank, stop by your local branch or contact us now.